Mattresses for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) or chronic fatigue is a disease characterized by widespread pains in muscles, bones, and joints. Other symptoms such as fatigue and lack of sleep are also present. The origin of this disease is unknown, and it affects in a very negative way the quality of life of the people who suffer from it.

One of its main symptoms is a throbbing pain in certain parts of the body when pressure is applied to it. The most frequent parts of the body where the pain is usually concentrated in the lumbar, cervical, thighs, arms and joints such as shoulders and knees.

What characteristics should a good mattress for fibromyalgia have?

The best mattress reviews change for a more suitable one for people suffering from fibromyalgia could be a good solution to minimize the pains that cause this disease. In addition, it will help you with the resulting symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue, providing good support for a restful sleep. What should we look for when choosing a suitable mattress for fibromyalgia?


We must choose a mattress with a medium firmness. It should not be too hard or too soft. We must choose a mattress that conforms to the shape of the body and the curvature of the back. The firmness must be medium; the mattress that is too hard or too soft will not provide adequate support without support points.


The thickness of the mattress is also an important factor; we must choose a mattress with enough thickness to support our weight throughout the night ensuring maximum support throughout the body and joints.


Pain due to fibromyalgia can worsen in wet and cold conditions. Therefore, we must choose a mattress with fabrics that ensure great breathability and oxygenation.

What is the most appropriate material?

Surely, you’ve asked yourself what material to choose for your good mattress for fibromyalgia. We will analyze the most popular mattress materials and find out which is best suited to people with this disease.

Foam mattresses

You may be reluctant to buy a foaming mattress, as they have always been considered cheap and “poor quality”, but not at all. The new advances in the manufacture of mattresses have allowed creating mattresses of foaming of very high quality, becoming even one of the leading materials for rest.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses have also evolved a lot since they began to be marketed. Currently the most popular are spring mattresses bagged individually that adapt independently to the shape of your body. If you opt for a spring mattress, make sure you have a sufficient number of springs and a minimum space between them to ensure a perfect stabilization and support.

Viscoelastic mattresses

The viscoelastic mattresses have revolutionized the mattress and rest area. It is the most innovative material and provides great benefits for the person who rests. The viscoelastic allows a perfect hold, since it molds to the shape of our body, relaxes pressure areas and promotes circulation. They ensure a perfect position, avoiding turning and twisting as it adapts to your position due to its “memory foam” technology. Therefore, viscoelastic can be one of the best options if you are looking for a good mattress for fibromyalgia.

How to know when you should replace your existing mattress?

After fighting with your daily-life works and various tasks, your bed could be the best place which helps you to get that much-needed rest and reactive energy. There is one constant question with which you all approached is the “How you know when you should buy a mattress?”  For most of the people, it is not easy to find the answer to this particular question. Concerning this issue, you can go through the following paragraphs of this same article which can maybe help you. In order to buy a perfect mattress for home, you will need to understand a few serious things about the mattresses.

When should you buy a mattress?

As mentioned earlier, you can’t judge the exact time on which you need a mattress and that’s why it becomes essential for you to collect some information about those situations in which you can afford to buy a mattress. Before reading the mattress reviews 2019 you should check the time and your requirements also. The online reviews submitted by the previous buyers can become your helping hand also because they have bought the mattress that you want to buy now so they will have better understandings of buying.

When your mattress gets decrepit

Yes, when your mattress gets decrepit then this could be the perfect time for you to replace the existing mattress with a new one. In this same situation also, you can read reviews because by reading such reviews you can collect more details about the ideal time to buy various mattresses.

When mattress gets damaged

Because of the quality and some other reasons, it is also possible that the mattress that you are using can become damaged. You will see that there are plenty of holes occur in the mattress and because of those holes your mattress would look ugly. If the mattress which you are using is more than 7 or 8 years old, then this could be again the exact time for you to swap it with a new mattress.

Neck, hip and shoulder pain

If you are taking the desired rest on your mattress but not getting the desired support to get rid of the neck, hip and shoulder pain then maybe your mattress is not useful to sleep or take rest more. A brand-new mattress will always provide you with better support and such support is required to fix out all the mentioned pain related issues.

When you experience dead legs or arms when you arouse

This is another exceptional point on which you should pay your attention more. When your mattress is not useful for sleeping or taking rest then you could experience dead legs or arms when you arouse early in the morning.

Different circumstance requires different skills or temperament and in the case of buying a new mattress, you also need such skills and temperament to make a reliable buying deal. These upper listed points and reviews could be enough to understand the situations when you can afford to buy a brand-new mattress.

How to choose the right mattress for your kids?

Desiring the right bed and natural mattress is extremely important for a quality sleep and proper growth of your child. Sleep is not a waste of time, but an essential process of rebirth and refreshment of the body and the spirit. A human spends a third of his life in bed and therefore it is important the bed and the mattress be comfortable and fitted to the body. So, when you choose a mattress for your child, you need to pay special attention to a few things.

A quality mattress is vital for a quality sleep and healthy spine of your child. Today, as science and technology change, mattresses are brought to perfection because experts from all profiles are included in their manufacturing. However, this does not mean every bed is good for you. For proper development of a small child, you need to buy a soft mattress of natural latex which supporting the child’s spine.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a suitable bed? The bed should provide proper development of the spine and many other body parts. Yet, the most important part of the bed is the mattress. On the market, you can find different models of mattresses, such as latex, spring and the best mattresses. The ideal mattress should be 20cm longer than the sleeper’s height.

About the mattresses for children’s, you should know that there should be no empty space between the border of the crib and the mattress itself. The mattress should not be too hard, nor too soft when you should purchase it for your baby. Otherwise, mattresses for babies are usually much thinner than those for adults because the baby is lightweight. As the child grows and develops, the mattress needs to be changed time-to-time.

Experts recommend taking a new mattress for your baby, not innate. The reason for this is the fact the mattress does not have moisture or any bacteria. If you still take a used mattress, be aware each mattress can be used for 8 to 10 years not from up of this given time.

You know, the spine of your kid is too soft and when you should buy a mattress then need to pay more attention. Different quality of mattresses is coming in the market which you can pick up, but you have consulted through doctor once for your baby well-development. Think more before to use that old mattress for your baby because that is worst-effective for your kid. So, find the right choice like the memory foam mattressfor correct support of your kid’s body parts.

Little kids don’t know about their health and parents need upmost care about their children’s. Whether buys mattress for your baby then need to pay more attention because it is essential for well-growth of your baby. Don’t think about money goals too much but give more values to quality and exact one to buy a mattress according to your kid structure kind.

Ways to Reinvent Your Mattress

When choosing a quilt, we will take into account that, for each body there is an ideal one. So, we are going to analyze a series of aspects, so that we can decide on your choice, the one that best suits us.

We will observe the position in which you sleep whether it is on the back or on the back, we must choose those that are hard, in a soft one the body sinks. If you sleep on your side, a less firm one will be more comfortable.

If the weight of our body is XXL, the firm ones that offer good support and distribute the weight of the body in the best way, are the solution. A tip that mattress experts recommend, is that you must respect the natural curve of the spine while sleeping on your side. The thinner people also need a flexible model, which adapts to their shape, in order to distribute the weight better.

If you are someone who moves a lot while you sleep, a somewhat harder mattress will allow you to turn without effort. In a soft one you would sink, and you would feel uncomfortable. With one of latex the movements of the body are effectively absorbed, making it suitable for couples in which one moves a lot.

If you sweat a lot and you pass heat easily or live in a hot place, the spring mattresses are better ventilated and fresher. Or, if you live in a place where it is cold, or you are cold, the models of foam, latex or viscoelastic material keep more heat.

If you need an articulated base, a flexible foam, latex or pocket spring, is the solution. Latex mattresses interest people who must spend a lot of time in bed, are made of natural latex foam, from the rubber tree or synthetic latex and auxiliary materials.

If you suffer allergies to dust, mites or are asthmatic, it is recommended to use foam or latex mattresses provided with a washable cover. They are made with special foam to avoid the risk of mite colonies inside the springs. However, they are prohibited for people who are allergic to latex.

The mattress for children has specialized in the smallest. It offers us a whole world of designs and colors, combined with the need for comfort, resistance and balance. When we have to choose the mattress for them, we will take into account the constant changes that are occurring in children, with the increase in weight and the level of resistance, opting for those that need at all times. The most suitable materials for children’s rest are healthy; they are natural, such as cotton and natural latex, which provide softness, comfort and safety in children’s sleep.

The only thing you should keep in mind when choosing between a more or less firm mattress is that it is firm enough to support your body correctly, you should not choose a mattress too soft in which you get to sink affecting your spine, nor a mattress too rigid that does not allow you to adapt to your back and you find it uncomfortable.

The third and last factor to take into account when choosing your mattress is its size, you must choose the most suitable for your body and your room. In Ikea have 8 different mattress sizes, both Spanish and European standard, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, synthetic latex comes from petroleum. Synthetic latex mattresses usually have a percentage of 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex, although there are mattresses whose composition is 100% synthetic latex. They have less adaptability than natural latex.

Mattresses that include natural latex should follow maintenance guidelines such as daily aeration and turn it up and down and rotate it from head to toe, every three months. Also, they are not recommended for humid climates. Also, they should not be used with waterproof protectors. However, it is advisable to use a 100% cotton cover, which is fully breathable. Get all the details about these mattresses at best mattress 2019 and find the best deals.

Things to know before going to buy mattress

Buy a mattress can be a difficult decision and most of the people be afraid of buying wrong type of mattress for their bed and spending too much money on them. It is necessary for people to look for comfort and body support offered by different types of mattresses to find the right one for you which help you to have a better sleep. Good sleep is essential for all people to make their day fresh and to do more work effectively.

All people know that have a good mattress on their bed will be beneficial for remove all stress and burden out from mind and they will be able to get sound sleep after a long and tired day. If you are thinking to buy a new mattress for your bed, then it is necessary for you to keep the following things in mind which help you to make your purchase simple and affordable:

Know your sleep style

Every person has their different and unique sleeping style and they will prefer different type of mattress for their comfort. If you do not have adequate knowledge about it then you can get help from the experts of the mattress stores who have great experience in their work and can help you in best effective manner.

Consult your partner

It is one most important thing that you have to know before going to buy a mattress as it is necessary for you to choose the best mattress type which allows you to take undisturbed sleep and your movement do not have any impact on the sleep of your partner. It is not necessary that the type of mattress which suits you will also suitable for your partner as you both have different preferences and it is important for you to buy the mattress which suits both of you.

Know your allergens

Some people have allergy with specific mattress material and you must have knowledge about it. Buying a mattress is a bid investment and you do not want to spend your money on choosing wrong mattress for you. So, you can also take help from the experts available in the stores and able to buy the right mattress for you which allow you to take comfortable and supportive sleep without having any health issues.

Choose your size

Size of the mattress and weight of sleeper are other important things that are important to know before going to buy mattress. If you are looking for a new mattress then it is beneficial for you to take measurement of your bed and buy the right one according to the size of your bed which reduce all your hassle and effort while shopping.

Shop at the right store

Last but not least, before going to buy the mattress from a store, you must have knowledge that the store provides valuable and quality services to their customers and make you satisfied with their services. It is important for you to buy the reliable and mattress at affordable prices.

How to Find the Right Mattress for Your Specific Product(Service)

In a healthy body a healthy spirit, and rarely affects the quality of health as a good dream.

Guide to buying a mattress

You must be wondering how to sleep well? Since we spend a third of a bed in a bed, what a mattress to buy and how to choose the best are some of the most important questions.

Which Mattress Are There?

We distinguish several basic types of mattresses:

  • Mattresses with springs
  • Mattress with foam
  • Latex mattresses
  • Mattresses
  • Mattresses with springs
  • Mattresses with springs are used most often.

If you decide to buy this kind of mattress, know that you have to put it on the floorboard inside the bed frame because he, unlike some other mattress types, has no rigid box. You can also use the mattress with springs on an adjustable bed.

  • This type of mattress comes with Bonnel springs or with spiral springs.
  • The Bonnel springs are wired and spiral joined in a single core. It works so that at higher pressure they provide greater resistance.
  • In the mattress with sprinkling springs, each spring is located in a special cotton vest. Because of this they are much more durable and can be used both on full and leafy substrates.

Since each lumpy spring is separated separately, they are offset independently of each other in accordance with the pressure of the body. This results in anatomical effect where the mattress adjusts to the body and the spine is in a more correct position.

How many spring mattresses will be tough, depends on the spring diameter, among other things. As the spring is wider, the mattress will be harder – and vice versa.

What are the benefits of a mattress with springs?

More affordable than others, more technologically advanced.

However, such mattresses, as a rule, rarely have ant allergic materials and may develop mites, fungi and bacteria. The springs eventually lose strength and elasticity and these mattresses need to be changed more frequently than other types.

Buy a mattress with springs if your savings are very important and you do not have problems with allergies, spine and restless sleep.

  • Mattress with foam
  • Foam mattresses consist of three types of foam:
  • Cold cast
  • Viscos elastic (memory)

Polyurethane (PU)

The basic difference between them is density, flexibility and airflow. Density is one of the most important factors – the higher the density, the mattress is more durable.

The cold cast foam is based on water, and it provides great elasticity and airiness thanks to larger canals inside the core that allow unobstructed air circulation. Polyurethane foam is one of the basic mattress manufacturing materials and is extremely ant allergic and antibacterial.

The memory foam mattresses have designed no more than NASA scientists, assuming that such material will provide the astronauts with maximum comfort.

What are the advantages of a memory foam mattress?

  • The memory foam is pressure less
  • Perfectly adapts to shape and body pressure
  • Because of the artificial materials it creates a safe anti-allergic environment without mites and bacteria
  • Enables proper heat regulation
  • Because of the optimal weight distribution, the body creates a favorable effect on the spine.

Memory foam mattresses also have a longer life span of about 10 years. But this will depend on the quality of the beds and flooring to be combined with, as well as the quality of the maintenance.

The memory foam has several shortcomings

Because the mattress from the memory foam absorbs the heat of your body, it can sometimes make it uncomfortable at high temperatures, especially in the summer. ForMattress sales the detail information on maintenance!

Also, memory foam has a specific smell that can be uncomfortable for some. But that smell after a few days disappears. Also, sometimes it takes some time for the body to get used to sleeping on a mattress of memory foam.

Foam mattresses are ideal for you if you need better support during sleep and if you have allergies. But in the summer, be sure to have a ready-made air conditioner or fan, as sleep can become hotter than on a regular mattress.