Ways to Reinvent Your Mattress

When choosing a quilt, we will take into account that, for each body there is an ideal one. So, we are going to analyze a series of aspects, so that we can decide on your choice, the one that best suits us.

We will observe the position in which you sleep whether it is on the back or on the back, we must choose those that are hard, in a soft one the body sinks. If you sleep on your side, a less firm one will be more comfortable.

If the weight of our body is XXL, the firm ones that offer good support and distribute the weight of the body in the best way, are the solution. A tip that mattress experts recommend, is that you must respect the natural curve of the spine while sleeping on your side. The thinner people also need a flexible model, which adapts to their shape, in order to distribute the weight better.

If you are someone who moves a lot while you sleep, a somewhat harder mattress will allow you to turn without effort. In a soft one you would sink, and you would feel uncomfortable. With one of latex the movements of the body are effectively absorbed, making it suitable for couples in which one moves a lot.

If you sweat a lot and you pass heat easily or live in a hot place, the spring mattresses are better ventilated and fresher. Or, if you live in a place where it is cold, or you are cold, the models of foam, latex or viscoelastic material keep more heat.

If you need an articulated base, a flexible foam, latex or pocket spring, is the solution. Latex mattresses interest people who must spend a lot of time in bed, are made of natural latex foam, from the rubber tree or synthetic latex and auxiliary materials.

If you suffer allergies to dust, mites or are asthmatic, it is recommended to use foam or latex mattresses provided with a washable cover. They are made with special foam to avoid the risk of mite colonies inside the springs. However, they are prohibited for people who are allergic to latex.

The mattress for children has specialized in the smallest. It offers us a whole world of designs and colors, combined with the need for comfort, resistance and balance. When we have to choose the mattress for them, we will take into account the constant changes that are occurring in children, with the increase in weight and the level of resistance, opting for those that need at all times. The most suitable materials for children’s rest are healthy; they are natural, such as cotton and natural latex, which provide softness, comfort and safety in children’s sleep.

The only thing you should keep in mind when choosing between a more or less firm mattress is that it is firm enough to support your body correctly, you should not choose a mattress too soft in which you get to sink affecting your spine, nor a mattress too rigid that does not allow you to adapt to your back and you find it uncomfortable.

The third and last factor to take into account when choosing your mattress is its size, you must choose the most suitable for your body and your room. In Ikea have 8 different mattress sizes, both Spanish and European standard, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, synthetic latex comes from petroleum. Synthetic latex mattresses usually have a percentage of 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex, although there are mattresses whose composition is 100% synthetic latex. They have less adaptability than natural latex.

Mattresses that include natural latex should follow maintenance guidelines such as daily aeration and turn it up and down and rotate it from head to toe, every three months. Also, they are not recommended for humid climates. Also, they should not be used with waterproof protectors. However, it is advisable to use a 100% cotton cover, which is fully breathable. Get all the details about these mattresses at best mattress 2019 and find the best deals.